Sunday, June 13, 2010

Random Pictures

Just some random pictures on my camera, nothing too special except for my kids!...they're special right?.... special ed as my dad would say! way!
So I make fun of Larry glasses telling him he look like a bug...
....this is Aiden being a little bug!

Miss Alli Jai

Aiden had this bag on his head and kept on telling me he was a princess, then somehow managed to get his arms through the straps and couldn't get out.

He is his father's son!


  1. Your kids are just way too cute! After seeing all of the pictures, I want to come out there REALLY bad. It looks so pretty. Maybe I should talk all the girls into making a girls trip.

  2. Dang, I miss you guys. I can't believe Alli is 6 months, she is so big and way pretty.

  3. ha ha love the google glasses. Cant wait to see you guys in a couple weeks!! woohoo.