Saturday, May 29, 2010

Hello There!

So talk about your really long post here...maybe it's because it's been over a month since I've done a post or that my family came to visit... either way I have a lot of pictures. ENJOY!

Me and my sister-in-law Nic at the pineapple water fountain.

These are from a garden we went to that they let you take a boat and paddle around a swap with real live crocs! Crazy! I wasn't able to get a picture of one but we saw one, if you don't believe me look at Nic's blog.
Also we were told scenes from the movie The Notebook and The Patriot were filmed here. A little fun fact for ya!

Aiden helping dad row the boat.

Looks like Aiden is Gator bait!

Had a late b-day party for my dad... turned 58 Happy Birthday Dad!

BeAcH tImE!!!

So I think Alli can do the bitter beer face perfect! This isn't it I'll have to get one but I just thought I'd share that with everyone! She's so cute!

Jake and Kellin hittin the waves.

Proud Grandparents

Jake and his family and one in the oven!

I love Alli's swim suit! Girls are more fun to dress.

Boogie Boarding

Boys looking for deer!

Patriot's Point an old WWII aircraft carrier

I know I look pregnant in this picture but I promise you I'm not!

I was making a point to my dad in this's a long story don't ask.

Aiden in the cockpit of an old airplane

Fort Sumter:::
Did you know it's where the civil war started?.......No you didn't

Boat ride to Fort Sumter


Uncle Ben

Me and my Hubby

I should have got more pictures of the downtown area it's beautiful. You can look and Nicole's blog she took a million pictures that I missed and she's way better than I am! Sorry it took me so long I have a camera now so I'll keep it updated! Love you guy's!


  1. Holy crap! Aiden is getting so big. And I am so sad looking at pictures of Alli cause I don't know her personality, but she is dang cute. Looks like you guys had a busy week, wish we could come out there :)

  2. Your kids are so dang cute! Looks like you guys had a fun time out there!

  3. Alli is so cute!! And she is so fair. Keep posting pics. She is getting so big.

  4. Molli! It's Jenny, you're long lost cousin. My mom just told me you have a blog and I was dying to see it. You're family is so darn cute. I can't believe how big your kids already are. On top of all that, you live in such a beautiful area! Consider yourself followed.
    P.S. As a 5th grade teacher, I totally knew about Fort Sumter. Boo yah.